Sunday, July 18, 2010

"guest relations"

working on an aircraft you witness quite the variety a relationships.  The other day i saw my first "cougar". what i thought to be a mother with her  7 yr old daughter and college aged son turned out to be mom and daughter plus mom's boyfriend. Now this cougar is no where near the league of  the tight bodied and ever youthful madonna and demi moore.  she was... well OLD!!!! she appeared to be in her mid 60's  with long frizzy white and grey streaked hair and the over all frayed and worn look of an old berkeley inhabiting hippy. the boy at first glance looked to be in his late teens, skinny and tall, a bit awkward in his movements. they sat and watched the disney channel together, snuggled and then started making out. i was shocked at first to see this "mom and son" going at it like newly weds.. and as "Sweet" as that sounds it was not something i wanted to see.

i thought i was liberal, but apparently but i need a few more experiences to broaden my perspective.

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