Sunday, June 13, 2010

when things go right, they GO RIGHT!

so, i do not work first class.. and there have been so many menu changes that i have stopped paying attention to what is served up there and when and how many of each choice there is and where the caterers hide the red and white wines. but today, which is the beginning of a three day trip and day five of working and traveling for me, i am serving first class. i have 2 legs this afternoon, one from sfo to sea and one from sea to lax. two legs to get back into to the swing of things before our nyc flight tomorrow... i have some doubts in my ability to professionally and efficiently  lead this crew, take care of my pilots and cater to these people. but guess what?!! God, Buddha, Allah, and Yahweh must feel some sort of sympathy for me because there was not a single complaint,  problem, or bag that needed to be gate checked. my crew was fantastic. the kids decided to vomit from motion sickness AFTER they disembarked. the pilots didn't even come out for a potty break or ask for food or extra coffee. everyone said thank you, good night, and smiled at me as they left the airplane.

it was a perfect day of work..a memory i will have to refer back to when im having a HELL flight and worry that the agony will never end.

for now, its bliss. :)

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